Hurricane Prep 2019

It’s almost Hurricane Season, know the dangers of a bad roof!

Hurricane Seasons starts June 1st, and with 4 named storms already this year; now is the easiest time to prepare.  An old or bad roof can be the largest danger to your home’s structural integrity outside of flooding.  High winds and strong rain can catch any loose shingles and tear off major portions of your roof.

The following signs should be taken seriously:



Curled shingles




Poorly Attached Shingles



Poorly nailed shingles




Buckled Shingles



Buckled shingles




Rotten Decking



Rotten Decking/Roof Sagging






Missing Shingles/Existing Damage



Loss of Granules



Loss of Granules




Gutter Granules



Granules in Gutter, On Ground, Loss of Granules




If you have a metal roof, be aware of the following signs: loose screws or screws on the ground, leaks in your home, and rusting..

If you have any of the above symptoms of a bad roof, call us today for a free estimate to replace your roof.*

Beware that most roofs installed after Hurricane Katrina were 3-Tab installations.  A few notes about 3-tab installations are: most manufacturer’s wind rating of 3-tab shingles are 60 mph and typically only last 10-15 years in humid climates.  Add poor installations and out-of-state unlicensed contractors installing roofs, this cuts the lifespan of your roof dramatically and can equal a disaster for your home.


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